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For over 35 years Omer spa has been renowned for creating the benchmark in the manufacturing of heavy duty truck lifts, truck hoist, bus lifts, bus hoist, and other scissor lift applications. The height of excellence for Kar Lift Solutions by Omer was clearly reflected by its most contemporary concept that is the Kar Lift. This innovative product brings the tremendous advantages of a vertical lift system versus a parallelogram that moves up and forward. The Kar Lift design is also completely "clear floor" allowing access side to side and front to back. It also offers maximum space at the floor allowing access side to side and front to back movement. Kar Lifts lift higher - 79”, lifts faster - 70 seconds and lift more load - 99,000 lb. than any other HD scissor lift. They are available in capacities from 44,000 lb. to 99,000 lb. with runways from 23’ to 48’ long.

This unique concept is the result of a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals who have years of expertise in delivering nothing but the best to their customers. Kar lifts have several key features, which makes them unbeatable in heavy duty lifting applications. Kar Lifts strong reinforced runways and 2” plate steel lifting legs offer perfect stability under any loading and are ideally designed as truck lifts, truck hoists, heavy duty bus lifts, and bus hoist. Further, unlike other competitive designs there are no sliding points required to allow for runways torque .The patented AOS system absorbs energy at each hinge point without requiring the legs to slide. Omer also has incorporated a patented Volumetric Control where NO Electronic Sensors are required on the lift making it ideal for wash bay applications. Our heavy duty lifts have many unmatched features combined with a structural design approximately 40% heavier than competitors that should result in a cycle life of 20 years or more.

From its inception, the mission and vision of Kar Lift Solutions by Omer has always revolved around the single goal of complete customer satisfaction. We do not believe that our role ends after the sale is completed.  We believe in professional after sale services that builds a long term relationship with existing and potential new customers. We believe in innovation; thus, our engineering team is always researching for new ultra-modern techniques that will provide a world class experience to our customers. We currently have many distinguished high profile customers in Canada and the United States and we would be honored to have you as our customer..

Omer is the world’s largest designer and builder of platform style heavy duty truck & bus lifts and hoists for Buses, Trucks, and Industrial equipment. The Kar Series design is the industries only true pantograph lifting system and available only from Omer.

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Why The "K Series" Is The Most Preferred Design:

  • Strong and compressed frame.
  • Perfect stability in any load condition
  • No sliding points = No runways torque
  • Free Space under the runways
  • Patent on Volumetric Cylinder Divider
K-Series Lifting Capacities
from 18,000 kg. - 80,000 kg. (or more)
Lift Features
  • Very Sturdy Structure.
  • Extremely Reliable – 20 Years Life Span
  • Surface Mount or In-Ground Installation
  • Wash Bay Utilization
  • Open Floor.